FAQ – How much vacation time do au pairs get?

Au Pairs get 2 weeks of paid vacation – 14 days Monday through Sunday, not 14 weekdays. They also get 1 1/2 consecutive days off per week and, once a month, one full weekend off

Many times au pairs and host families inquire if the 14 days means an au pair gets 14 weekdays off, which would make it 2 weeks and 4 days of vacation time. The answer is no! It is always a good idea for au pairs to to take their vacation in 1 week increments to avoid any confusion.

Please note that there are no designated holidays for au pairs; however, it is important to discuss international holidays and religious observance so that plans can be made accordingly. Your au pair eagerly anticipates her/his vacation as an opportunity to see more of the United States and therefore might want to plan early.

Although it is up to you and your au pair to plan vacation time, Cultural Care Au Pair suggests au pairs take the first week of vacation within the first six months and then take the second week during the remaining six months. Vacations should always be taken at a mutually convenient time. Please note: should your au pair be replaced during the year, you will be responsible for accommodating the remaining vacation time (including the weekly stipend) your new au pair might not have taken. Au pairs on a 12- or 9-month extension are entitled to two weeks of paid vacation; au pairs on a 6-month extension are entitled to one week of paid vacation.

Tricks of the trade:

1) If host family and au pair go on vacation together, be sure to have a schedule! This is the number one problem that we hear from au pairs and host families during the holiday season or vacation time in general. Of course, it is sometimes difficult to write up a schedule during a vacation as everything is up in the air, but it’s important for the au pair to know when they are “on” and “off” duty (and what is expected from them when they are on duty).

2) Help your au pair discover things to do on their own. Some au pair have initiative and others need more guidance. Oftentimes, it also may be logistically different for au pairs to do things in their own while on vacation. So if you are going to be at place for more than a week or two (e.g. at grandma’s), it’s a great idea to reach out to the local LCC and help the au pair connect with au pairs in the area (ask your local coordinator for assistance).

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